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" I purchased this brewing equipment and ingredient kit for my husband for his birthday.  The package arrived on time and my husband absolutely loved it!  Blue Collar Brewery was very prompt with communication and even customized the name of the beer for us.  We plan to order more ingredient kits in the near future.  Thanks  Blue!" COURTNEY

"Fast shipment, quality ingredients and  good communication along the way made for and great transaction.  I'll be working with BCB for some time to come... " WOOOOSH8

"Great beer kit!  A 1 gallon kit is pretty fun because you can brew it in the kitchen, and it's a great way to brew one of your first beers" EVAN

"I missed the part in the instructions where it said I needed ice.  Good thing I have the ultimate wort chiller in the back yard, snow"  JIMR77

"I wish there were more of me to drink more of this beer.  So Good, So Good"  BS4L

"I have tried all three beers and I can't pick my favorite.  I love them all.  Let me know when you get some new recipes to try"  MKSMUTHA

"It looked complicated at first, but was surprisingly easy.  Well done BCB" Anonymous

"I am just getting to know this beer, but I can tell you right now we are going to be close friends"  IBRK4BR

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Making beer has never been easier

Learn what Craft Brewing is all about!

Step by Step Guide on 1 Gallon Home Brewing Kits

Detailed instructions with tips, linked definitions and pictures to guide you to making the best batch of beer the first time every time.

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Fresh from the farm, Blue Collar Brewery Cascade Hops

Cascade Hops are a variety of hops specific to the U.S. originating in Oregon State.  They provide a mild bitterness to beer with a slight citrus, almost grapefruit, aroma.  They can be used as an aroma hop, a flavoring hop or even a bittering hop, commonly found in Ales: American, Pale, Brown, IPA, Porter...

Blue Collar Brewery Hop Farm Hops were picked fresh in August of the 2012 and 2013 growing seasons, then dried, refrigerated and stored until your order is placed.

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